About Chicsystems.com.cy

Designing With Passion While Exploring The World

I started on BBS in the late 1980’s, Later I made my own website in html. Progressed to Php. I was involved in a Php project that hit 1 million unique hits a month.

Over the years we have seen many changes. We worked in mambo, then joomla and also now in WordPress. And still do Php and mysqli 

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I Create Products Not Just Arts

There is a great satisfaction with starting with a blank page and then seeing a fully formed website working for our clients. This Drives us on

We discovered SEO when we made a website and couldn’t find the in Google.

This is the most important part and we do this for all clients.

Frontend and Backend Developer

we don’t do all the things on the right here.

But we know people who do!  So what we can’t do we will find people to do it and do it properly 


What My Clients Says

Just a few comments over the years here

Did our first website in 2008 and always support us every since professionaly


George G

We took over an established Business with a website. All changes we needed done quick and efficient

Stan l

Runs and maintains our server with 30 websites for security and updating. top fast super service


Made a new WordPress site to replace a old one in 2 weeks. Great fast service 


Now updating our very old website and still efficient and works in our timeframe and budget