We developed via our Chicsoft sofware division a Bespoke CMS system in 2009.

We have now used it for a number of sites with great success. It is customisable, with full CSS control and therefore total comtrol of the design implentation.

It also has so excellent SEO features, including in the fly instant creation of SEF's, auto sitemaps and many more features including a internal user/management system.

Recently we have added the ability to add google maps, pdfs and videos and more features are planned.


Since we began adapting it we have streamlined and standardized many parts of the system so new features can be added to all installations.

We are shortly choosing a name for it and will be releasing it for other clients to use on a bespoke customized basis.  More news on this soon.

Our system is Called "Thor". It us used on Findingcyprus.com. Cyprusanytime.com and more websites.Contact us for more information and a quote.