Mambo Problem with PHP 5.3.x

When we updated our Apache and PHP to 5.3.1. This caused our old Mambo installations on our Promutheus server to fail with PDO error warnings. This only affects Mambo and not Joomla installations. We now have a fix so read on as this may happen if you Host company upgrades automatically. 

The error you may see is

 Call to undefined method mosMenu::mosDBTable() in /var/www/mambo/includes/core.classes.php on line 899

This is due to deprecated issues with any version of PHP 5.3.x and upwards. A solution is unlikely as Mambo is not being updated.

Obviously it is better to update to Joomla or Wordpress and we can help wuth that. We ahve toold to migrate or at least extract articles so as to cur the costs of this. IT is important to be using modern safer software so you should update all Mambo asap.

To fix this!

Also we can fix many mambo errors including the above. If we can be supplied with FTP access the above will cost €20.00. We can also fix many of the other Mambo errors so please contact us.