According to the Jooma website.

"Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone."

A CMS is a content management system, this means once set up you can log on and edit and make changes. The website will then show those changes immediately. This s great for many users who want to or need to update their websites. You don't need to pay us to do this, you need little experience as editing a page is similar to editing in a word processor, and we can easily teach you to do this.

Therefore you can firstly update your website in real time when you need to and save money on having it updated!

AND!!! Joomla is free!. However it does need to be set up and set up properly, also there are some additions that you may want, like nice templates, slideshows etc and these can cost money as they are written by independent developers. But a lot of these item are relatively cheap.

So why do you need us? Well it needs to be set up, made secured and set to look and function how you want it to be. Also it needs to be set up to be found in the search engines or no one will see it no matter how good it is.

Once running, it will need maintaning, backups taken regularly, updated for security etc.

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