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Sucess story for a Chicsystems Client

We recently created a total package for a client Paphos Car Cash, Website, facebook page and twitter in less than a week. Due to the recent crisis in Cyprus the client wanted to wait to formal launch and promote the businesses.

As we have done the initial SEO work the site was available to the search engines and obviously was able to be found. Less than 2 weeks later the client received the first call form someone who wanted to sell their car!

New Qrr images

get a Qrr code for your website

You may have seen funny images like the one on the left. They are called QRR images and are like a bar code. Iphone and smart phone users can simply scan the image and get information from it. In this case it just gives a link to your website which the user will automatically then be taken to. But it can also have a message, telephone number etc.

We are now able to create these images for you. As more people are using smart devices these images will gain in popularity. Be one of the first to get one. You can use it in adverts or on a  website or your business card. The user just scans it and in seconds the hidden message works. Call us on  262 72091 and you could have one in hours.


Ads from Chicsystems

We offer a range of Advertisment and promotion systems options on this and our clients website.

  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Content Text Link
  • Backlinks

We have various packages for promoting your website. We only place ads with some appropiate relevance in suitable places.

For Linking we are happy to accept a link to the site you are promoting from another website, this is called ABC linking. We will also do reciprocal links. We do not charge for this kind of Linking business.

For banners and other ads we can charge a flat fee per month, quarter, 6 monthly or annually. We can make a banner for you as well. We can also charge on some site on a pay per click or impression basis.

We have an extensive network of websites in the UK and Cyprus to use. You can either target a site you want to be on, or we can arrange a package where we will place your ads on different site, we will rotate and change to maximise exposure.

With some siteowners and webmasters we agree a mutual package of cross ads and linking and we oftern can do this on a free basis it the relevant traffic matches.

Some of our sites have 1,000's of Uniques IP's per months, we have sites with over millions of hits a year.

Please contact us and let us help you get more traffic for your sites.

Test us On Search results

We are have been operating here in Cyprus full time since 2008 and we can now some tests you can do in Google.com.cy to see how we are performing for our clients. Although we are newer in Cyprus full time we have been operating from the UK for some time. On our UK website you can test the results we get for clients there.

These results are as of  July 2013 using Google.com.cy from Cyprus. Different versions or locations may be different, also search results can change at any time.

In the search box in Google type either - cyprusanytime, or Kiourlappos, or Karlinas and these sites then show up as number one for their name already.

For client keywords,  Pafos Music shop, paphos irish, paphos pool clean, paphos wine tour, it is either in the top 5 or even number 1

Cyprus business directory was a harder category. We launched the new version of Finding Cyprus in Nov 2011 and it now has reached the top 3.

It is important to remember where your target market is. having the best site in Google.com in Cyprus will not get much response in the UK where they use Google.co.uk. We have methods available and being implemented to resolve this for clients who wish to appear stronger in the UK or other overseas markets. More details to follow.

Remember you do NOT pay extra for this part of our service, it is part of what we give all our clients. We can also offer a SEO only service if you have a existing website.

Special Offer on Websites

We currently have a special offer on websites. Domain, Hosting and 30% discount on a premium listing on Finding Cyprus

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