Website Hosting

We also hosting in 2 forms.

We run a number of servers, usually fully dedicated servers. These are high end specifications in secure advanced data centers with 24-7 support and maintenance. Our websites are spread amoungst our server to spread the load for our clients so if we have a problem most websites wont be affected and also we can easily move sites around.

Most of our clients are hosted on our servers. Also we cross backup our servers between them so we have daily site backups in different locations.

Some clients have their own hosting and we can also maintain and support these websites.

We can offer hosting for clients we do not do their websites. Currently we are planning to set up a new service for Cyprus clients for this and will shortly announce this.

If you need hosting at the moment please contact us and we can give you a price.

Valid Code websites

What is Valid Code?

Most websites are written using mark up languages like html or PHP. It is important to have set standards so that different browsers can interpret the pages and then display then correctly. The was set up to manage and help verify these standards.

When web developers make websites to these standards it helps end users to be able to see the sites in the many different platforms (PC, laptop Mobile etc) as possible and as near to how they are meant to be seen.

Not all code can be validated. Some extras from websites, eg, the Facebook Like buttons, are often not written to high standards like w3c. However we can often implement valid code versions of these. As many CMS systems we use are valid code, when we make changes we try to make them as valid as possible. If there are just small difference then this wont usually render the website unviewable. So we aim to be fully valid for standard projects and for where we add stuff on we aim to be as valid as possible.

ONE important aspect to having valid code is the Search engines like it and it can boost your website in the search engines above your competitors and whose with badly written websites.

When we have valid code on your website then we can display the logos below with code so when it is clicked it goes to the correct tool and then shows that the code is valid.

 Valid code logosValid code logos

Social media packages from Chicsystems

Social media packages from Chicsystems

  • Really feel your business needs to be on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ etc?
  • Not sure which will work for you?
  • No idea how to set it up?
  • Worried about updating it all?
  • We can help and you don't need one of our websites either!

We can set it all up for you, adding customized images based on your graphics AND set it up so you can update with just a SMS message or by posting on Facebook or tweeting from either your PC/Laptop or smartphone.

Social media has exploded in the last few years. Many people use it as their main method of being online. Most of us are on Facebook and/or Twitter and we see many business etc online. So we know the power of it. But for many businesses it seems a mystery to use and hard to set up. For those who are not interested or only use one of the methods it is important to send your message to all methods so you can reach those who choose a different system.

At Chicsystems we can help make it easy for you. we can help you decide what kind of online page or profile you need, set it up for you and make it look good and advise on what to post and how often.

We offer 4 packages.

1 The initial one is we help you create a online presence with Twitter and Facebook. We create the accounts and set it so you can manage it. We create custom graphics from your website and or logos. Connect the accounts so you can easily update from a text message or posting depending on how you prefer to access the internet  PC, smartphone etc. Cost €50.00

2. We do all the above. Additionally we will set up your smartphone with a special APP to manage your Facebook page and/or Twitter account and make it esy to update and post. Also we set it up so you can send a SMS text message to update them all. Cost €100.00

3. We do all the above and on top we start to get you some users/viewers to start with and add some initial content from your website, flyers etc. Also we provide more details of how to get started and monitor for the first month to get you going. Cost €150.00

4. We do it all and we then run it all for you!! You pay us monthly, we get the fans/followers, we add customized content relevant to your business and customers, if you have things to say you just let us know by telephone/Fax/SMS/email and we add it to your social profiles. All this starts from €25.00 a month.

Contact us for a free assessment and quote and you be be "Socially Media Friendly" in days!!

Quick result

Sucess story for a Chicsystems Client

We recently created a total package for a client Paphos Car Cash, Website, facebook page and twitter in less than a week. Due to the recent crisis in Cyprus the client wanted to wait to formal launch and promote the businesses.

As we have done the initial SEO work the site was available to the search engines and obviously was able to be found. Less than 2 weeks later the client received the first call form someone who wanted to sell their car!

Special Offer on Websites

We currently have a special offer on websites. Domain, Hosting and 30% discount on a premium listing on Finding Cyprus

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