Yesterday we took delivery of 2 new VPS Servers from Valuevps. We are now configuring and testing them and hope to commence data and client transfers later today.

They are based at their new datacenter in Newcastle UK. One will be used for Partipeeps and this will require some downtime, this is scheduled for early next week and will be detailed when the server is ready and a date set.

The larger server will be for some of our UK porfolio and also for this site. We are soon trransfering to Cyprus but in the meantime as we are losing our servers with another UK host we are transferring them to the new server. This loss is due to the deterorating standards of service from their Indian support centre. We fell we cannot support our clients needs without excelent support levels from the engineers.

Once we have set up the server, secured and hardened the settings we will transfer the clients accounts accross. As we are creating the nameservers etc on the new server and then redirecting the original IP addresses via DNS zone changes there will be no downtime for clients.

The combined server will be faster than the 2 it will replace. Once we have moved the Cyprus clients to Cyprus hosting more capicity will be availabe for new clients althought it can take approx double what will be put on it as is.