Daedalus Server gets a upgrade

We have completed the migration of our oldest VPS server, the Deadalus to a new Dedserver this week. The server has a large hard disk and will serve as a store for other server backups, 4 times the mmory of the old VPS and more processing power.

This upgrade will allow more clients acounts on Deadalus, andthe existing accounts to run more efficiently. We effected the migration without any downtime for our clients.

Joomla 1.6.3

Joomla have released an improtant update being version 1.6.3. This can be installed from within Joomla. However you may get a memory error message. this can be sorted by increasing the PHP memory limit on your Host server. We have adjusted this for all our clients. If you cannot access this function, then we can offer advice on alternatives. Or you can always upgrade the old fashioned method.

Also check the joomla website for important news on Joomla 1.7 being released in July.

Joomla upgrade

Joomla have released a update to version 1.5.23. We have installed it for all our clients. IF you ahve Joomla and need help then please call us on 26272091 or 96392523

Internet explorer 9

Internet explorer 9 has been released. We have tested on our main sites with now problems. It functions now simular to Forefox and Chrome. We have noticed that sites using the Jsquery and lightbox 2 add ons need to be updated. Otherwise we are pleased with the speed andthe interface.