New Logos

We have now launched our new Logos! We commissioned the design team at Camilla Fellas Design to create some new logos. They looked and what we had and offered a number of alternatives. Once we narrowed the list down we put it to the vote on Facebook as we could not decide between our 2 favorites.  Between the comments on Facebook, asking friends and clients our 2 favorites were the best 2 and the winner is now on all our websites.

The line version is above and if you go to the "About" link in the main menu about you will see the square one. We are very pleased with them as they replace ones we have had for a few years and we feel they represent our new look much better.


This will be more apparent when we formally launch our new Cyprus domain shortly. So a big thank you to the team at Camilla Fellas Design.

New R1soft server backup system

We have now taken delivery of our new R1SOFT server backup up system. This will now backup all our primary servers to a independent and secure location. R1Soft is a leader in these systems for Continuous Data Protection and disaster recovery and together it will provide a significant improvement in our data recovery policy for all our clients.

What this means to our website clients is a further layer of security and safety. Previously we kept local backups of our client sites and also ran a cross server back up system. With the new R1Soft system we have a level of redundancy that will now cover total DC (Data Center) as well as server failure. Also this new system is significantly faster and uses less server resources.

We will be able to in a few hours recreate our servers (and your website(s)) without access to the problem servers and from any location and at any time. This is of course a worst case scenario but catastrophic DC failures have happened, from a major power network system in a London DC (down for 36 hours) to cyber attacks which have completely deleted hundreds of thousands of websites.

Our main servers are now backed up each day and the results kept for 10 days on a rolling basis. We have access to the backups and can restore to any point in the last 10 days and also obtain any individual file form the last 10 days.

This additional investment is we hope never to be needed but we are doing this to protect our websites and businesses to prepare for what we know can happen, no matter how rare, and for also what we cannot foresee.

Our new Website is Live

We created the old Chicsystems website back in 2008 using what was then the current version of Joomla and whilst it has served us well it was time for a change!

So we are pleased to roll out our new website! It is the latest version of Joomla with a great responsive template. Responsive means it changes depending on the size of your screen or device. Try it! Grab the bottom right of the window and move it around! See its kool. This also means it is mobile ready. On mobile devices the blocks on the right automatically move under the main text.