Launch Of John the Electician website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the initial website for who is bsaed in paphos in Cyprus.

The new website is a Joomla website with a customized template with a JavaScript slideshow on the front page. Whilst the soite has some new photos and additional text the basic structure is now complete

New website in the UK

Our UK division is pleased announce a new website at This is a Joomla website with K2 addons and a specialisted template for a UK based Graphic designer.

Whilst the K2 system is not recommended for basic users it does give a lot of extras relevant to the control and display of articles.


New website in Cyprus

We are pleased to have taken over the website for

The site was originally done using a basic template. We have re-written to PHP with full CSS in order to gain improvements in the search engines. We added a full gallery, rotating image on the front page and generally revamped the website