Free extras!

Most of our competitors do the basics for you. If you want extras then it will cost or as in the case of some of the items below they don't even know about them. At Chicsystems we give so much more at no extra charge. These include.


These are the little images that sit at the top of your browser window and in some browsers next to your address. In Chrome and Firefox they are only at the top. We will make either a favicon from your logo or custom letter. It will be your property and you can keep it for the future. Below are some examples in different browsers.


Webmaster Tools

Google and BING have a special section for webmasters. Here we can add and update information about websites we manage, also we get early warning about problems. We use these tools for all our clients.


A sitemap is a special file that contains all of your pages in your website. Search engines use it so they know all your site and can then add those pages to their indexes. We make a sitemap for all our clients, also we add its location to another special file so that any visiting search engines can find it and use it. We also update them when your  site changes.

Social media

If you already have any social media connections, Facebook, twitter etc will add links or code for liking etc on your page. Examples below.

Valid CSS code

We aim to make all our sites using valid CSS and where possible valid Html code. Read read more

Google Translation Widget

We can add a widget so your visitors can instantly translate your site in 58 languages. Examples below