Chicsystems began in the UK in 2000. We have over 30 years experience in computing, diversifying in to websites in the Mid 1990's. Whilst Chicsystems has been a smaller operation working mainly on referrals and client recommendations and has never advertised to date it does have many quality clients all of who enjoy good results in the search engines with quality websites at sensible prices with excellent support and service.

Recently we have consolidated our regular presence in Paphos to serve Cyprus. The owner is half Cypriot and a full Cypriot citizen, and is pleased to bring his UK experience to the Island for the benefit of all customers of all races and business types and sizes. We are now based in Cyprus all of the time and are contactable at all times wherever we are.

We retain our UK office, We also have a network of specialists in various countries around the world with expertise on Java, Paypal,CSS,  PHP, and other platforms who we call on to assist in client projects.

We aim to provide a high level of service to our clients, work to an agreed time frame, within agreed budgets in a honest, fair and upfront manner. We do not promise what we cannot offer, we do not take on work we cannot complete to a high standard. Where we cannot offer the service or feel we cannot meet a clients requirements due to our workload etc, we will either engage outside specialists or endeavor to find a suitable partner so the client always gets what they want.

There are a range of services we also offer to our clients. As we are very concerned on Security we can offer advice and PC configuration although we do not do repairs nor upgrades. There are many good companies specializing in this. We can supply some details to you of ones we recommend.

Free extras?? Most companies charge for they website and offer either a basic job or charge a lot for extras. We don't! We include for all clients a favicon, sitemap, setting up with various search engines webmaster tool-kits, setting u redirection for now www to www or vice versa. We will add links to your social media etc. We do not charge for these. read more on our free extras here.