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Website Design

Obviously we create websites!!!

We can use CMS systems like this site where you can log on and edit update it your self, and we offer full training and support for this. Sites like this are great to save you money in updating, allow to keep it up too date and fresh.

We design sites in PHP and html. Many sites we have created are totally custom sites from the ground up. We can also create banners, graphics and many exciting add-ons like slideshows and other multimedia items.

Sometimes you have an idea, sometimes just a look based on your business style and stationary sometimes you have no idea! We will work with you to find a site that is usable, effective and presents your online presence to the work in a way you feel reflects the best of your business.

Also we have access to many great template design ideas where we can point you in the right direction and save on the costs of a totally from the floor up project.

When we are working with you, we first after consulting you provide a quotation. This will detail what we have agreed with you, costs and time frames. 

Our terms our simple. You pay upfront the domain name costs, any extras for purchased add-ons and templates is we are using them and aprox 50% of the total project cost.

You pay the balance ONLY a) when it is complted and b) you are totally happy however long this will take.

Usually we start with a temporary website so we can start the SEO process, Recently we had one website featuring in the top 5 results of google even though it was only 50% completed due to the client being busy. We dont want to rush a project but it needs to be found as soon as possible so you can start to get a return on your investment


Wordpress websites

According to the Wordpress website.

"WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time."

A CMS is a content management system, this means once set up you can log on and edit and make changes. The website will then show those changes immediately. This is great for many users who want to or need to update their websites. You don't need to pay us to do this, you need little experience as editing a page is similar to editing in a word processor, and we can easily teach you to do this.

Therefore you can firstly update your website in real time when you need to and save money on having it updated!

Wordpress started life as a system for mainly blogging. However now it is one of the largest CMS systems used worldwide. Many major companies and projects use Wordpress and whilst for some it is not as "serious" as say Joomla or Drupal it is very polular and easy to use. A whole industry has begun to make great Wordpress websites that are easy from the user side.

While Wordpress is free it does need to be set up and set up properly, also there are some additions that you may want, like nice templates, slideshows etc and these can cost money as they are written by independent developers. But a lot of these item are relatively cheap.

So why do you need us? Well it needs to be set up, made secured and set to look and function how you want it to be. Also it needs to be set up to be found in the search engines or no one will see it no matter how good it is.

Once running, it will need maintaning, backups taken regularly, updated for security etc.

Website Hosting

We also hosting in 2 forms.

We run a number of servers, usually fully dedicated servers. These are high end specifications in secure advanced data centers with 24-7 support and maintenance. Our websites are spread amoungst our server to spread the load for our clients so if we have a problem most websites wont be affected and also we can easily move sites around.

Most of our clients are hosted on our servers. Also we cross backup our servers between them so we have daily site backups in different locations.

Some clients have their own hosting and we can also maintain and support these websites.

We can offer hosting for clients we do not do their websites. Currently we are planning to set up a new service for Cyprus clients for this and will shortly announce this.

If you need hosting at the moment please contact us and we can give you a price.

Special Offer on Websites

We currently have a special offer on websites. Domain, Hosting and 30% discount on a premium listing on Finding Cyprus

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SEO Experts

Your website is only worth it if it is seen in the search engines


We are SEO experts, click below and test us.

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Site Search

Selected Client Portfolio - You could have a site like this

fc Finding Cyprus is one of the largest directory & information websites in Cyprus.

mossa Mossa Cyprus A Joomla based website

euphoria Euphoria Atheinou Gym in Nicosia in CyprusMobile Website for the Euphoria Atheinou Gym in Nicosia

mc M.C. Care At Home Mobile M.C. Care At Home

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Chicsystems began in the UK in 2000. We have almost 25 years experience in computing, diversifying in to websites in the Mid 1990's.


Whilst Chicsystems has been a smaller operation working mainly on referrals and client recommendations and has never advertised to date it does have many quality clients all of who enjoy good results in the search engines with quality websites at sensible prices with excellent support and service.

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Website design

Our specialty is website design.From small sites to large sites and everything in between. We aim to deliver on time and on price and offer a high level of after sales support

Range of Sites

From custom HTML/PHP to Joomla and wordpress we can provide what you need.

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Unlike some bushiness in our industry we are available to you.We have email, landline and a mobile number and also on Skype. We WILL answer missed calls, skype and emails!


When you contact us we will try to solve the problem asap. This is par tof being a Chicsystems client and available to everyone

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Updating is needed?

The internet changes all the time. We spend a lot of time watching, testing and then updating for our clients. part of this is to keep you high in the search engines but also to keep your sites safe.

CMS updates

And CMS websites we do are automatically updated as needed. We also keep our servers safe and updated so we are embracing the developments in technology for the benefits of our clients.

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We have recently installed WHMCS to manage all our clients, products and services. This systems is fully secure and we have also installed a full SSL system to our website.

Shortly it will be possible to buy all our services online, including a new facility to purchase domains and to have everything set up automatically.

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It doesn't  matter how good your website is if no one sees it. We specialist in SEO (Search engine Optimization)  and deprive a highlevel of service for all our clients no matter how small.

This way your website gets seen and you get the best ROI you can have

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Client News

  • Updates lacking +

    We are sorry bit we have neglected this part of our website. Since the last post many sites have been Read More
  • Cyprus Life events launched +

    We have just released a new website for a Cyprus Life Events specializing in life events in Cyprus. the site Read More
  • 2 new client websites +

    We are now working on websites for Da Vinci's Restorante and Olivio restaurant in Paphos. They should be fully live Read More
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