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Here's how to test how good we are.

This information is current as of Jan 2021 These tests work best on Google.com.cy but most also work on google.com or .co.uk.

Try this, put your name into google and see where you are, try  or Chicsystems, or Karlinas or Cyprusanytime - You see they are at or near the top.

Try some of our client keywords,  Music shop pafos (Kiourlappos) or  irish bar (for O'Neills irish bar in paphos),  -  paphos bars, ALL top or nearly top. 

For our UK SEO work try these in Google.co.uk

Try this, put your name into google and see where you are, try  Chicsystems, or Trevross, or Yarmouth Beach house (Beach house B&B)  - You see they are at or near the top.

Try some of our client keywords    - Penguin Pre School - Norfolk Tech Services  - Bobby Dazzlers Cleaning -  top or nearly top.

This works for all our clients where we do the SEO parts. 

You can spend thousands on a good website (or a bad one) and not get a response. We try to get you high in the rankings so you get seen, get enquiries and get your money back and hopefully make money from the internet.

This is not an extra service. This is a committment to all our clients. Yes you can pay us to advice, makeover your site, but only chicsystems full clients get the full service. Please note there is a limit to what we can do entirely on our own. If you are prepared to spend a little adding some free links, and perhaps a bit of money on some directories then firstly the rise is speeded up and secondly it is made securer and for longer.

Special Offer on Websites

We currently have a special offer on websites. Domain, Hosting and 30% discount on a premium listing on Finding Cyprus

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SEO Experts

Your website is only worth it if it is seen in the search engines


We are SEO experts, click below and test us.

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Site Search

Selected Client Portfolio - You could have a site like this

mc M.C. Care At Home Mobile M.C. Care At Home

euphoria Euphoria Atheinou Gym in Nicosia in CyprusMobile Website for the Euphoria Atheinou Gym in Nicosia

ca CyprusAnytimeMobile Properties in Cyprus

pwt Paphos Wine Tours A Custom based website

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Chicsystems began in the UK in 2000. We have almost 25 years experience in computing, diversifying in to websites in the Mid 1990's.


Whilst Chicsystems has been a smaller operation working mainly on referrals and client recommendations and has never advertised to date it does have many quality clients all of who enjoy good results in the search engines with quality websites at sensible prices with excellent support and service.

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Website design

Our specialty is website design.From small sites to large sites and everything in between. We aim to deliver on time and on price and offer a high level of after sales support

Range of Sites

From custom HTML/PHP to Joomla and wordpress we can provide what you need.

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Unlike some bushiness in our industry we are available to you.We have email, landline and a mobile number and also on Skype. We WILL answer missed calls, skype and emails!


When you contact us we will try to solve the problem asap. This is par tof being a Chicsystems client and available to everyone

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Updating is needed?

The internet changes all the time. We spend a lot of time watching, testing and then updating for our clients. part of this is to keep you high in the search engines but also to keep your sites safe.

CMS updates

And CMS websites we do are automatically updated as needed. We also keep our servers safe and updated so we are embracing the developments in technology for the benefits of our clients.

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We have recently installed WHMCS to manage all our clients, products and services. This systems is fully secure and we have also installed a full SSL system to our website.

Shortly it will be possible to buy all our services online, including a new facility to purchase domains and to have everything set up automatically.

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It doesn't  matter how good your website is if no one sees it. We specialist in SEO (Search engine Optimization)  and deprive a highlevel of service for all our clients no matter how small.

This way your website gets seen and you get the best ROI you can have

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Client News

  • Updates lacking +

    We are sorry bit we have neglected this part of our website. Since the last post many sites have been Read More
  • Cyprus Life events launched +

    We have just released a new website for a Cyprus Life Events specializing in life events in Cyprus. the site Read More
  • 2 new client websites +

    We are now working on websites for Da Vinci's Restorante and Olivio restaurant in Paphos. They should be fully live Read More
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